I have two cats, Vader and Leia....and yes I know those names make me a wicked nerd! Recently I noticed that Vader, the older of the two, was having some hearing issues, neither of these cats travel well so I called Dr. Jennifer A. Stewart Dvm (actually I Facebook'd her) to setup a house call appointment. I love that she offers this!
The team showed up and the experience was great! First it's like a sneak attack, the cats had no idea so no drama before the vet appointment. Three people showed up (usually it's Dr. Jennifer A. Stewart Dvm & Lisa Eckert-Mette vet assistant - today we had a training assistant) and they are really a mobile vet, drew blood & fluids, weighed and vaccinated. They did everything you would do at a check up visit at the vet at my house.....too cool!
Sooooo much nicer then trying to get them into the car and to the vet. No pre or post drama. Pets don't smell like the vet and you can get them calmed quickly because they feel secure at home. They took fabulous care of my cats, turns out that the issues I thought I had were not the real issues. She is thorough, gentle, very knowledgeable, and affordable!

Bridget A.,