Haitian Relief Close to Home

I lost a good friend recently. Well, to be honest, she’s only gone from my sight and I am sure our paths will cross again. Jessica Stone is a friendly, happy, exuberant individual always ready for a new challenge. She was working at the Beehive in Carlsbad until just recently and she had been taking care of me and other friends for this last year–and ladies ,we all know how important it is to have a kind and gentle hand when visiting a waxing salon. Hey guys, if this is to much you can stop reading any time–but don’t this is the good humanitarian part coming up…..

Jessica and her husband Brandon were called as missionaries to a service organization called Outside the Bowl. This organization provides meals and faith to third world and underprivileged areas. As it turns out, Jessica and Brandon have been called to Haiti and I eagerly await hearing more about the conditions there and how her heart is finding its compassionate way through that world so different from our own. You can read more about Jessica and Brandon’s adventure at their ongoing blog at http://brandonandjessicastone.blogspot.com.

Jessica is an animal lover and we have discussed the conditions that she would find there. Her wide brown eyes and upraised eyebrows said it all…she understood what she might find but more so, understood she would not know until she got there, the level of squalor and suffering that she was about to find. Hopefully she will be able to update us with her personal experiences and photos to show us how change is being made there.

iStock_000012063506Small1Blessings and caution to those who want to jump in to personally help in Haiti during the rebuilding process, the Haitian community is going to face gang wars, continued supply distribution blockades, sanitation issues and disease–among people and among their pets, their livestock and poultry–which will further hinder their efforts to recover. ARCH has pledged 1.1 million dollars but that is just the tip of the iceberg when you consider distributing appropriate vaccinations to the animals on the island will likely eat up 50% of that figure when adding fuel, refrigeration and administration of the vaccines.

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