The Call of the Wild: Coyotes Part 2

So if coyotes have reproduced and lived along side of us so successfully, how can their impact on our petpopulation be reduced in order that we may coexist? Does everyone want to coexist with coyotes?

Animal control officers in Southern California get numerous complaint calls about coyotes.

Every person can contribute to either coyote proliferation or control by following some simple steps. Unfortunately, not everyone will follow the recommended preventions.

1. Do not feed your pets outdoors; untended food bowls attract coyotes where they will readily take advantage of a free meal.

2. Coyotes will take advantage of an untended vegetable or fruit orchard.

3. Do not leave your small dog unattended outdoors.

4. Do not allow your cat to roam free outdoors. The number one prerecorded sound coyote trappers use to attract coyotes is a mewling kitten or meowing cat. While coyotes may keep the feral cat population down, they are not likely to ask for proof of ownership before striking a cat they find outdoors.

5. Learn more about coyotes, including when they are more likely to be active, more hungry (mating season and when feeding pups), and thereby learn how to protect your pets. Start with an up to date and informative source about coyotes such as the Project Coyote from the Earth Island Institute. Animal control agencies often have good instruction pages for coyote control but often outsource the trapping and removal celebrex pills of coyotes.

Coyote resources:

Earth Island Institute, Project Coyote

While owners of domestic animals are understandably upset and devastated by an attack on their animal, culling coyote populations appears to actually increase the frequency of successful reproduction. Control of coyote populations is best performed by preventing easy food sources from being presented. Public education is imperative.

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